Opening Soon

Usually, PATYL sells inspiring apparel and gives the half of all proceeds to individuals committed to making a positive impact. But, for the month of December, PATYL won’t be selling a thing. Instead, we’ll be focusing on generosity. PATYL’s “20 Days of Generosity” mission will feature different organizations that embody what it means to make a positive impact. (These organizations don’t know me and have absolutely no idea that I’m doing this, btw) My hope is that if you come across one that tugs at your heartstrings you’ll consider making a donation, volunteering, shouting them out to your friends, or all of the above! And, in my humble opinion, making a donation on someone’s behalf makes a really great gift! You can stay up to date on 20 days of Generosity on Facebook (PATYL), Instagram (p.a.t.y.l), and Twitter (@patyl_) Also, please take a second to enter your email and we'll make sure to keep you updated on all of the best things from PATYL. Happy Holidays from Jae Russell (PATYL founder/Grateful human) If you need to get in touch with us about a previous order, please email us at