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PATYL VIP / Trey Locke 


Find Your Breath.

These three simple words offer a motto to live by; one that can get us through those tough moments, calm our anger, settle the panic, and even propel us to the other side of the mountain, just as they have for our newest VIP Trey Locke. Trey chose “Find Your Breath,” because it helps him to plant himself in the moment, and to be apart of it. Whether he is crossing a finish line, hiking a mountain, or dealing with the stressors of every day life, “Find Your Breath” is a way for him to calm his mind and be in the present.

Trey is a licensed social worker making a career out of helping others. He has worked with people battling substance abuse, as well as individuals dealing with mental health issues. While his career comes with its challenges, he has been incredibly grateful to be able to impact the lives of others in a positive way. He shared that he often focuses on Gandhi’s famous quote which says, “we must be the change we want to see in the world.” Trey says that he truly works to apply this in all aspects of his life. His goal is to make the biggest impact he can before his time is up. His second goal is to get outside as often as possible.

Trey has completed three marathons to date. “Find your breath” was something he often told himself to stay in the moment and keep motivated, especially during those later miles. He also uses races to raise money for various charitable organizations. In his most recent race, Trey crossed the finish line of the Chicago Marathon with a personal best time, while raising $1,000 for the Girls on the Run organization. Girls on the Run is a “non-profit organization dedicated to creating a world where every girl knows and activates her limitless potential and is free to boldly pursue her dreams.” He’s also taken an active role with an organization called The Seed, Africa which sponsors young Swazi women to obtain higher levels of education in order to pursue their dreams and positively impact their communities. 

Trey also finds his breath when he hikes. He considers being in nature an integral part of his self-care. Most notably, Trey solo-hiked the entire length of The Appalachian Trail! While this is an amazing accomplishment by anyone’s standards, it is less about the miles than it is about the multitude of ways he overcame daily physical, mental, and emotional challenges. He had to face these trials head on and in a way that allowed him to keep moving forward, one breath at a time. Trey is currently setting out to hike the Pacific Crest Trail. He plans to use the proceeds from his “Find Your Breath” collection to make donations to the Sierra Club, Appalachian Trail Conservancy, and the Pacific Crest Trail Association.

“When I am in nature, hiking, kayaking, etc. I am given another opportunity to focus on the world around me and be present. There is something indescribable about being in nature. It does something to my spirit. Replenishes and resets me and my mind. When I can quiet my mind, and be grateful, it does the trick.”

While hiking on the Appalachian Trail Trey found meditation to be key in maintaining a peaceful mind. He uses a technique of focusing solely on his breath. He has learned that taking time to find his breath each day is incredibly healing for him. It is in these moments that he says he is able to express gratitude for whatever he may experiencing, while giving thanks to his breath for the gift of life.


Trey is paying attention to his life through his commitment to helping, and inspiring others, and living a life of meaning and purpose. Let’s support Trey on his mission to inspire others to “be the change,” to make an impact, to challenge themselves to grow, and to be healthy and happy.

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Find your breath.