the VIP / Stephon J Davis

It’s 3:00 am and the alarm is going off. This is on purpose. Stephon J. Davis willingly gets out of bed and starts his day. At 3 am. He makes his way to a comfortable space and spends some time in quiet reflection. He meditates and prays for a while to fill his spirit, to set the tone for his day, and to keep his thoughts positive. He visualizes how he wants his day to go and who he wants to be for his family, his friends, his community, and his self. As he eases out of quiet reflection, he doesn’t crawl back into bed. He makes his way to the gym to ensure that he is as well physically as he is mentally. Stephon is truly paying attention to his life and he is committed to inspiring others to do the same.

This incredible commitment to personal growth, positivity, and well-being alone is enough to call Stephon a VIP.  However, there is so much more to him that will no doubt inspire you to change the way you approach your daily routine, your life, and your outlook.

Let’s start with family. Stephon is motivated to work hard for his family and to teach his children to love learning as much as he does. You can check out Stephon and his five-year-old son, David, on his YouTube Channel discussing things like importance of school and the power of imagination. You can also catch Stephon and David doing book reviews of such awesome reads as Paulo Coehlo’s “The Alchemist” and Napoleon Hill’s “Think & Grow Rich”. Stephon wants his children to think critically about themselves and about success. He hopes to one day be able to travel with his son to find other kids who are doing extraordinary things and interview them about all the great things that they do.


Stephon’s video skills go far beyond YouTube. He is the owner of Serlo Media, a company he founded to produce videos for nonprofits and small businesses. He’s produced films to raise awareness on issues such as bullying, sexual assault, domestic violence prevention, and grief. He’s committed to making a positive impact with his work and with his time.

In addition to everything he does for personal growth, his family, and his company Stephon also makes it a point to share his time.  He is a role model and a mentor. He has been to over 30 schools to talk about healthy relationships. As the co-chair for the Ohio Men’s Action Network  he is actively committed to the network’s mission to “end relationship and sexual violence in Ohio.”

Stephon is an accomplished man. He is the living, breathing definition of hard work and commitment. He is a very impactful person in all aspects of his life. And through all that he does the most impressive thing about Stephon is that he is truly humble and he does it all with positivity. He is a firm believer that our thoughts define us and he hopes to inspire you to Keep Your Thoughts Positive.

Stephon hopes to use the proceeds for his next film which will focus on eating disorders. Support Stephon and shop his “Keep Your Thoughts Positive” collection today.