Energetic. Uplifting. Positive. Motivating. Visionary. Determined. Creative. Persevering. Happy. Adventurous. Inspiring. Intelligent. Joyful. Compassionate. Thoughtful. Innovative. Autistic.

Meet Isaac Ruiz, “The Autistic Entrepreneur”, and the newest incredible PATYL VIP. Isaac was diagnosed with a form of autism known as Asperger Syndrome shortly after his 5th birthday and he has been breaking through the boundaries of having autism ever since.

Connecting with others has never come easy to Isaac. A common trait for people with Asperger’s is that they have difficulty with social interactions and self-expression. Growing up he was bullied and his family bounced around a lot. Isaac faced these challenges by channeling his creativity and his keen interest for invention and business. He credits his autism and his perseverance for helping him become the successful young man that he is today. And now, he is on a mission to give back to others on the autism spectrum and inspire and empower them to see their autism as an asset (and not a boundary ) to having a successful career.


Isaac’s road to entrepreneurship started in cutlery sales. For Isaac, this job forced him to take giant leaps out of his comfort zone. From making cold calls to setting up appointments and making his sales pitches face to face, Isaac discovered that he had a knack for the business world. He diligently worked to find success with this company and went from being an entry-level team member to training others. He embraced what he calls a “find a way mentality” and learned to approach every new challenge with the perspective that if he persisted toward his goal that he could and would find a way to meet it, and he has.

Isaac has since left the cutlery business and is now honing his skills as an apprentice for a real estate investment company. He’s taking all that he is learning and applying it to being “The Autistic Entrepreneur”. Isaac’s plan is to develop a platform where he can take what he’s learned about sales, investing, and networking to teach others on the autism spectrum to break through boundaries and use their own unique way of seeing and interacting with world to find success.


To be successful in business (and life in general) Isaac knows that hard work is only part of it. He values kindness and doing whatever he can to support others. He’s made it a habit drop a compliment to someone every day, especially when they least expect it, because he knows what a confidence boost that can be for anyone. He credits a book called “The Miracle Morning” for teaching him that the “most fulfilling thing we can do for ourselves is to do more for others and to give back.”

Isaac plans on giving back with his “Break Through Boundaries” collection. He will be donating 100% of his proceeds to Autism Speaks; a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting those with autism and their families through advocacy and advancing research. 

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