the PATYL story

Hi! My name is Jae Russell and I am the founder of PATYL.

PATYL is an acronym that means “PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR LIFE”. It’s my message. It’s a big part of my story. It’s how I stay balanced and grounded in my own life and it’s what I’ve always tried to inspire people to do over the course of nearly a decade working as an occupational therapist.  I’ve spent my days helping people learn ways to get their lives back on track after illness, injury, or both. Healing can’t happen if we don’t pay attention. Change can’t happen if we don’t pay attention. Kindness doesn’t happen if we’re not paying attention.

I love what I do and I consider myself to be very lucky to get to spend my time trying to help people who are facing some of the biggest struggles of their lives. I am truly honored that so many people have trusted me to help them change, and grow, and heal. I’m equally as honored, if not more so, that they have trusted me enough to share their stories with me.



I noticed that in addition to my work as a therapist I was also able to make a difference (believe it or not!) just by what I chose to wear each day.  One day while browsing around online I came across a t-shirt that said “FOCUS ON THE GOOD” and I thought, “That would be a great shirt for me to wear to work!" (yes, I get to wear t-shirts to work) so, I bought it and I started wearing it and I started noticing that just a simple message on a simple white t-shirt was making an impact. I started collecting other shirts with other attention getting messages and wearing them to work too. And conversations started to happen. My shirts have sparked conversations about kindness, and change, and healing. They make an impact and they have helped me stay connected to the kind of positive difference I want to make.

Then one day these dots got connected:

1) Wouldn’t it be cool if I could make my own shirts with messages on them?

2) What kind of messages would I want them to have?

3) How could I sell these shirts and stay true to my commitment to making a difference in the lives of others? 

PATYL was created with two simple ideas in mind; to share people’s messages and to have a positive impact in their lives.  My goal is to continue to help people pay attention not only to their own lives but also to the lives of those around them. By listening to people’s stories sharing their unique message with the world I hope that more people will pay attention to the kind of difference they want to make each day in big and small ways.

PATYL is a platform for making a difference.

I can’t wait to see the kind of difference we can make!



 (PATYL Founder & Grateful Human)