the Mission


Make an impact.

PATYL is a company with a cause.  Lots of companies have causes, but here's what makes the PATYL mission different...

Every month we feature a new inspiring message from a new and inspiring person. We call them our VIPs (Very Impactful People). PATYL VIPs are "ordinary" people who are doing extraordinary things to make a positive impact in the world.  Every message is their own and every design is hand picked by the VIP themselves!  50% of the proceeds from the sale of each VIP item goes directly to the VIP so that they can keep on doing all of the good that they do for themselves and for others.

This month's VIP is Stephon J Davis.

His message is "Keep Your Thoughts Positive"

Find out more about Stephon and the man behind the message


Every VIP collection is as original and awesome as every VIP. 

 When you wear PATYL, you wear your impact.