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    Paying Attention

    Jessica integrates self-care into all aspects of her life. Practicing mindfulness allows her to connect better and be present in her relationships with family, friends, employees, and the universe. She says that “discovering happiness as a limitless source within and learning how to tap into it” has been life-changing. 
    Her self-care routine consists of running regularly, practicing Yin yoga & meditation, learning by listening to podcasts and reading non-fiction. Jessica recommends any book by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso for those interested in learning more about modern day Buddhism. And, when she’s not listening to podcasts, she’s spending time with family, friends, and her differently-abled pug, Bella.
    Being Inspiring
    Most of us can identify certain turning points in our lives that sent us down a new path.  For Jessica, there were four that came all at once. 
    1. Her dog, Bella, suddenly lost function of her back legs
    2. Jessica was diagnosed with Lyme Disease
    3. Undergoing surgery for a wrist injury 
    4. And the acceptance that she was experiencing anxiety, depression, burnout and needed to make some changes for her well-being. 
    These events changed her life for the better. To persevere, she ran the Chicago Marathon on Bella's behalf and as a charity runner for Team Paws. She came to recognize her unhappiness and burnout from bartending, working late nights, and battling anxiety/depression from drinking. Wrist surgery forced her to step away from bartending and stopped drinking after being diagnosed with Lyme Disease. Jessica then committed herself to a yin yoga and meditation practice and began learning about Buddhism.
    Change isn’t easy, but when we come out on the other side of it, we often see how incredibly necessary it was.  As Jessica says, it’s important “to make the connection between negative experiences becoming a catalyst for positive growth." 
    Living With Purpose
    Everywhere she goes Jessica carries with her a piece of paper that says "May all the beings everywhere be happy and free and may the thoughts, words and actions of my life contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom of all." Like her “Be Here Now” tee, this is also a reminder to stay connected to the moment and to how we are throughout the day. It’s about doing no harm and putting our best selves out there.
    She’s taken this commitment to mindfulness even further with her startup, My Mindful Motivation. Her company consists of a storytelling blog full of inspirational people and a web app called Mindbosa (mind, body, save) that helps people set goals and save money for the things they love. 
    Making An Impact
    Jessica was inspired by Bella to run more and put her energy into conquering the Chicago Marathon. While training for the marathon, she came up with the idea to save $1 for every mile she ran. This allowed her to pay for her trip to Chicago with the money and also donate a portion to Team Paws; an athletic and fundraising program supporting PAWS Chicago, the Midwest's largest No Kill animal shelter. This outcome was motivating and rewarding. It was the catalyst for Mindbosa to help others to save money through goal-oriented earning. 
    Since launching Mindbosa in January of 2018 users have saved thousands and have used their Mindbosa funds for vacations, weddings, and charitable donations. Saving money using this approach rooted in mindfulness is being described as "easy, fun, painless, motivating, rewarding, exciting." She is dedicated to the growth of Mindbosa and to helping people save and achieve their goals. 
    100% of the net proceeds from Jessica’s “Be Here Now” tees will be donated to:
    a nonprofit dedicated to inspiring girls
    to be joyful, healthy and confident using a fun,
    experience-based curriculum which creatively integrates running.