Believe in Yourself.

Believe in Yourself.

Believe in Yourself.

No matter how many times we say it to ourselves, somehow, some way, self-doubt seems to find its way in. We can know better. We’ve put in the effort. We’ve got people in our corner. We’ve done it a million times before and yet somehow, some way, self-doubt is along for the ride.

For our VIP, Jeremy Vermeulen, self-doubt was a constant companion from an early age. His mom wasn’t around and this had a huge impact on his self-esteem. It was incredibly hard on him to know that she was not a part of his life. He was left feeling worthless and unloved and he spent much of his first three decades doubting his worth.


So Jeremy did what many of us have done. He lived with these feelings and these beliefs and they made an impact on his life and his well–being. While happily married now, he struggled for many years to find love. He was always afraid that the person would leave him. He found himself stuck in a job that left him feeling unfulfilled, angry, and pissed off because he doubted his ability to do anything else. And, as time went on and despite the happiness that having a family brought to him, Jeremy found himself being diagnosed with depression.

This diagnosis changed everything for Jeremy. It led him to therapy. He went to counseling and started to gain insight into his own sense of self-worth. He put in the work. He started reading, avidly, and making connections between his childhood and his adult experiences. And, day by day, Jeremy started to believe in himself.

He started to believe in himself and he started to let go of doubt. Each morning he wakes up with gratitude rather than trepidation. He makes time to exercise, to coach youth basketball, and to take care of his physical well-being. Now his life is moving in a whole new direction as a public speaker, author, and motivator. He’s found a passion for helping people learn how to have a life full of joy and happiness. He wants people to believe that they too can bounce back.

Believe in Yourself. Jeremy did and because of it he’s just published his first book, “My Happiness Journey: 8 Guiding Principles to a Happy Life” which can be found on . He hopes that by sharing his story he will inspire others to live with the belief that they can create a life that they love for themselves.

Jeremy is all in when it comes to helping others. Jeremy has chosen to donate the proceeds from his “Believe in Yourself” collection to The Children’s Home of Easton, a private non-profit agency providing therapeutic, campus, and community-based programs for troubled youth and dysfunctional families.