“I speak to the highest qualities of people and encourage them to believe in their dreams.” This is how VIP, Jason France, is making an impact on the world. But first, he had to learn how to believe in his own dreams.

Like so many, Jason experienced profound loss at a young age when his sister passed away. And, as is the case for so many as well Jason struggled to cope with the loss. He struggled to find ways to move beyond the negativity and painful emotions that went hand in hand with his grief. He was looking for a way to grow stronger And he found a pathway to gaining the tools he’d need to fulfill his dreams with the United States Marines.

Jason is proud to have successfully completed his training as one of the very first elite MARSOC Marines. Through his training he learned to harness the power of his mind and how to express thoughts into actions. He learned to develop a profound understanding for relationship between his mind and his body and how to take this relationship and develop it in a way that would allow him to achieve more.

Jason’s motto, “Think Clear / Move Free” represents each person’s ability to hone in on the true nature of their thoughts and manifest those thoughts into actions. As a civilian, Jason is using his skills as a personal trainer and nutritionist to help people take their physical and mental well-being to the next level and beyond. He wants more for his clients than just physical results. He is sincerely committed to helping people build resiliency, to embrace wellness, and live with newfound energy for their lives. Jason lives, leads, and inspires by example. Jason has found that meditation, eating well, staying physically active, and recovering as often as he can keeps him happy, healthy, and in a state of readiness for the world. He seeks to help people understand that too can be ready for their world in this way. He works with his clients to help them understand their understanding of the relationship between their body and their minds is a tool for acquiring the things that we all truly want in this life; the things that really matter like gratitude, love, and compassion.

Support Jason on his mission to make an impact and inspire others.