This is PATYL

My wife snapped this photo of me doing PATYL things in my PATYL shirt. I'm not always one for the spotlight, but I thought it important to share this side of myself. PATYL isn't a "business". It's not investors and loans and financing. It's not marketing experts and catch phrases. It's me, in my living room, trying to figure out a way for everyday people to help each other out. It's me, every day, trying to think of ways I can use this big idea of mine to help us feel more connected to each other; to the people doing the work, putting in the time, and showing up. It's me wanting to remind us all that we are the good in the world and we deserve to give ourselves a little credit from time to time. This is me paying attention to my life and hoping with all I've got that this mission will inspire others to pay attention to theirs too. This is me trying to make an impact. This is me inviting you to make an impact too. This is PATYL. 

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