The Interconnectedness of a Burrito

A burrito really is the perfect food. A plethora of flavors and textures all rolled up into one delicious, warm, and melt-in-your-mouth tortilla makes the burrito a top choice for any meal of any day. If I had my way, I’d be inclined to eat them all of the time. I made baked burritos for dinner tonight. I eat a plant-based diet and these particular delicious burritos were filled with potatoes and beans and spinach and poblanos and onions and salsa and gratitude.


I took some time to bask in all the awesomeness of the people and places involved in filling my plate with so much good stuff From the farmers who planted and grew the wheat for my tortilla to the harvesters who took the veggies from the earth for the delicious filling to those that curated the perfect blend of hatch green chiles and spices for the salsa suddenly my dinner became an awesome reminder that we truly are all connected. Humans across continents contributed to the making of my delicious burrito! Some had a hand making the containers that stored the salsa and others the tasty tortillas. Some drove the trucks that brought them to the market where others sold me the produce. Someone’s sweat and grit went into making the oven I baked them in and so on and so on and so on. It is through this interconnectedness where we can find a profound sense of gratitude for each meal and we can remember that each and every thing we do makes an impact on the life of someone else.


Practicing gratitude for each meal is certainly not a novel idea. It is a custom that has stood the test of time. Whether you say grace, give a toast, or solemnly bow to your plate and those around you, across cultures we have come to recognize that being grateful for that which sustains us is important to our health and well-being. I took a moment to give thanks for my amazing burrito tonight. I took a few more moments as each spicy bite woke my palette up and reminded me how lucky I am to have the ability to cook healthy and delicious food for my family and myself. And still a few more to give thanks for each human being that played a role in making all of the things I needed to put perfection on my plate.


Pay attention to your meals in this way moving forward and see how your perspective about those around you shifts. See how acknowledging the interconnectedness of us all at least three times a day softens the frustrations you may feel towards others. See how it helps you have a little more respect for someone else’s hard work. Pay attention and remember that we are all connected the next time you find yourself taking something for granted or being rude to someone passing by. Take a moment to remember that there are others struggling to feed themselves and hope for others yet that they may find as much joy as you are eating your favorite meal. And when you take your last bite and are feeling satisfied from your remembering that we are all connected and that your meal, your health, and your happiness was a truly gift from the world.

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