Most people who are out there making an impact are humble. They don't want to take credit or attention away from the cause that they are so passionate about. They don't want to brag about all of the awesome things they do. And sometimes, they even believe more in the cause than they do in themselves. 

PATYL wants to change that because we know that when you spend so much time taking care of yourself, working towards making a difference, creating change in your own life (and in the world) that it really matters when someone says "Thank you. I see you. I appreciate you."  We know that when you take a moment to give yourself a little bit of credit you build up your resiliency to keep on moving forward. We know that by recognizing these everyday VIPs, by supporting them, and by sharing their messages we will give them the fuel they need to continue on their journey while inspiring others to join in. 

 So what is a VIP? A VIP is a "VERY IMPACTFUL PERSON".

  • A VIP is the special education teacher who has beat cancer three times and runs marathons on the weekends to keep her body and mind strong. She makes an impact by inspiring her students and colleagues to be resilient and to live with confidence.
  • A VIP is the amazing musician you know who is 100% dedicated to bringing art and beauty and inspiration into the world with every song he sings. He gigs at the local bars on Friday nights and at the local nursing home on Sunday afternoons. He’s been working on making an impact in his own life by living five years as clean and sober.

  • A VIP is your brother who has struggled with obesity his whole life. After spending hours at the gym day in and day out for years he finally lost the weight and has become fully committed to healthy living. He makes an impact by training others to fight diabetes with a good diet and exercise routine.
  • A VIP is your best friend who put herself through school learning all about social justice. She always takes your calls and is always there to lend you a hand. She spends her days as a social worker advocating for people who have been affected by mental illness. She continues making an impact on her nights and weekends working tirelessly to improve the environment for future generations.

    VIPs are also the people in your life who have helped you out when you needed them the most. They’re the ones that showed up with the pickup truck and carried the heavy load, the ones that called when you felt most alone, and the ones that always supported you while you became the fabulous version of yourself that you are today. They’re the ones that do all of this and still find the time to take care of themselves and do good work.

      The world is literally full of VIPs; people who are making an impact and making a difference. Let’s get the word out! Let’s show each other that we are proud of each other! Let’s give ourselves the credit we deserve!  

      Let’s pay attention to our lives. Let’s make an impact.


      If this sounds like you or someone you know tell us all about them in the comments below or email us directly at so we can find out more.  

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