Pay Attention to Your Impact

Last summer I was lucky enough to spend some time exploring the amazing rock formations in Arches National Park. Talk about impact! The magnitude of delicately balanced boulders, of the rock fins jutting out of the earth for miles, and of course the seemingly perfectly placed arches creating windows to the vast and colorful desert sky all left an impact on me that I will not soon forget. I left each trail filled with a sense of awe and wonder that I truly believe led me to dream up PATYL. After successfully scaling one rock fin after another I carried with me from Arches the confidence to take more chances and was resolved to continue to make an impact in my own life while doing the same for others.

Here’s the thing about impact. It doesn’t always come all at once. Sometimes it happens over a series of moments, or miles, or lessons and then one day we notice that something has changed because of it. Before the arches and rock fins made their impact they were layers of salt surrounded by layers of rock. Over time each grain of salt was shifted and carried away by the elements leaving behind the gorgeous scenery we find at Arches today. It didn’t happen all at once and it didn’t happen without the elements coming together in a particular way to make an impact on the landscape. That’s how we can create impact in our own lives. We have to start paying more attention to the moments, the miles, and the lessons. We have to start noticing when something has changed for us, and sometimes more importantly, we have to notice when something needs to change for us. We have to allow for the shifts, if you will, that will leave behind a new and improved version of ourselves and then we have to share it with others so that they may start to find the new gorgeous landscape of their lives too.  



So get out there. Pay attention. Start creating your impact. Here are a few things I suggest to help you along your way:

  • Pay attention to your life. Are you living in a way that is true to your values? Are you living in a way that makes you happy and leaves you feeling inspired and proud? Ask these questions to yourself everyday and only give answers that apply to that day. Do this regularly and see how you have been impacted by the practice.
  • Random of acts of kindness really do go a long way and they do not have to be grand gestures. Pause while out on your jog to open a door for a stranger with their hands full. Let two, maybe even three people cut you in line and do it with a smile. Go ahead and buy that person’s cup of coffee. Leave a note for a colleague to tell them that they are doing an awesome job. Do these things regularly and see what kind of impact they have one you.
  • Live with intention. Set them daily, but let them change as you do throughout the day. Commit to practicing patience. Commit to letting go. Commit to forgiveness. Commit to spontaneity. Commit to learning something new. Commit to laughter. Commit to your intentions and let them guide your choices each day. Soon you will see how these small commitments have left a big impact.


Take good care and come back here to comment below and tell us all about the kind of impact you have made!


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