How to Keep Moving Onward when You Feel like Giving Up

How to Keep Moving Onward when You Feel like Giving Up

Being a human being is exhausting sometimes. (Okay, most of the time.) For each of us, somewhere along the way we learn that the gift of being alive comes with the cost of struggle. I mean, how many damn times did you have to fall off your bike before you made it around the entire block? How many times did you have to trip on your laces before you finally made those rabbit ears tie up the right way before you were off to the races? How many times did you put your favorite song on repeat before you could close your eyes and belt out every single word by heart?

Being a human being is exhausting sometimes, but being able to persevere through our struggles is what makes each and every day worth it.


PATYL VIP, Gina Buban, has persevered. She grew up with a dad who was diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. In her early twenties, she became a caregiver to him when he was also diagnosed with kidney disease and dementia. She put all of her energy into being a caregiver and in the process she lost herself. She worked hard to get through because she found meaning in the simple joy of living.


So, when you start to feel like giving up, try following Gina’s lead onward:

  • Define what self-care means to you and find ways to commit to it each and every day. For Gina it’s exercise, spirituality, healthy eating, and lifelong learning.
  • Get connected. Don’t let yourself hide away from the people in your life. Reach out to friends and people who matter to you. And, don’t let yourself hide away from yourself. Get connected to your emotions and let the insight gained help you take those steps out the door.
  • Believe in your meaning. We all have something (or a few things) in life that gives us our sense of meaning and purpose. For Gina, it’s always been helping people. She prides herself on being able to help people learn and grow by listening to them without judgment. Being a great listener for others gives her the meaning in her life that keeps her moving onward. Find your meaning and don’t compare yours to anyone else’s. Allow yourself to own it and enjoy it.

Gina is donating the proceeds from her Onward Collection to The Infant/Toddler Mental Health Coalition (ITMHCA) promoting the understanding that infancy is a critically important period in psychosocial development and working toward policy and social change for the benefit of Arizona's youngest children and their families.

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